Group Appointments: The Future For Ohio Insurance

Most Ohio insurance will be covering a new trend in the changing landscape of health care: group appointments. Unlike the traditional one-on-one visit where a patient is asked questions, given an exam, asked a few more questions, then given a prescription slip and a lollipop, group appointments include group discussions of each patient’s progress, which can prompt the group to ask the doctor health questions unrelated to their personal ailments.

Most Ohio insurance will cover the group appointments no differently than an individual appointment and will have the same copayment. The level of care concerns insurers, not the number of patients. And Ohio insurance might be covering better care for group visits at the same cost as individual visits.

Although some people might shy away from sharing any of their health information with strangers, supports of group appointments say there are many benefits to foregoing solo appointments. Doctors are able to treat more patients, which is important because the Affordable Care Act will be creating more than 27 million new patients by providing them with insurance by 2014. And despite care not being completely one-on-one (certain exams are performed in private), doctors will be spending more time with patients during the 90 minute sessions. Finally, appointment availability will increase. This is especially important because with the influx of new patients, an estimated 52,000 additional primary-care physicians will needed by 2025. Until that increase in doctors occurs, physicians might find themselves straining to fill the demand for care.

Doctors like Dr. Richard Kratche, a family physician at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, see up to a dozen patients per group visit. About 12.7 percent of doctors conduct group visits. And about 85 percent of patients who try group visits don’t revert back to individual appointments.

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